Nov 7th 2016 why are the fans all up in arms with the record of 10-1-1 as if it was a 5-5-1 team , I think I know why, my views on whats up?

  1. The biggest none surprise is Carey Price when he goes the team goes and right now he is the best goaile in the league,world and I even think the solar system. A no Brainer
  2. Radulov and Weber great pick ups for the Habs system unfortunately they cant play alone.


  1. last 4 games ( Leafs,Canucks,Blue jackets and Flyers) in my opinion the Habs were ouplayed out hustled and out coached.
  2. Pleky. Pacciorety, Desharnais, Markov all invisible but Price keeps them afloat!
  3. Montrealers the majority in my opinion are seeing the boat (Habs) starting to show cracks and a bit of old age and maybe some complacency.
  4. my personal opinion is if you dont change your core players enough thye become stagnent and I believe this will not change anytime soon unless the Habs can move some complacent players!

Stay tuned Case I think the real team will show its face in the next 20 games ,all i can say is i hope i am wrong.

Take care,



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