1) Lets talk Lars Eller (traded) he has been a player that i have appreciated as an ex player, a true pro in today’s NHL , comes to work and never complains lw,rw and center just put him in the lineup and turn your back as you know exactly how he is going to play for you!
In my opinion one of the best 3rd line fwds in NHL, the CAPS are ecstatic to get another big body that can shut down opposing fwds top lines and can contribute albeit sporadic offence but his puck possession skills are one of the best in the league.
He will be missed and I don’t think the Habs have a player to replace him!

2) Andrew Shaw traded to Habs from Blackhawks, I like his grit and toughness I think he can help the Habs but he is not playing with Toews or kane anymore, it will be interesting if he can bring the same stats and play to Montreal TBD.

3) PK Subban traded for Shea Weber , If this trade was done 3 years ago I would of said it was a steal for the Habs but Weber 31 in my opinion has reached his peak either 1,2 or even 3 years ago. I watched the Preds in the playoffs and he was not their best dman, he looked slow and tired not a force at all. On the other hand Subban is 27 and me being an ex dman I think PK is on the way up to a different level starting this year, less stress and pressure should rocket him to another dimension.

Pk will strive with a new coach and organization that will just let him be PK, he is who he is accept it and move forward!

Shea Weber being a top player in Nashville is not the same as being a top player in Montreal and being traded for a fan favorite, I am not sure how he is going to handle it, I have a feeling the boo birds will be lining up at the Bell center the first time he coughs up a puck!

4) Mikhail Sergachev is potentially a good maybe a great dman, its not easy for a young dman to play in the NHL right off the bat and Montreal is not a proving ground, a couple of years away! TBD.

5) Alexander Radulov another wild card player, throw him in the pile of I hope he works out for the Habs,Gomez, Briere,Paranteau,Semin and now Radulov ,none of these players fit Michel Therriens idea of player he wants on his team, the 1st or second time Radulov does not block a shot or backcheck properly it will off to Chateau bow wow. I hate when you need to say to ones self and say I hope this guy pans out for us,TBD once again!

6) Draft, for gods sakes what is wrong with Habs organization? Everybody and their grandmother are waiting for the Habs to draft a top prospect fwd ,what do they pick goalies and dmen. The team cant score enough goals and they do nothing about it,to bad!

Have a great summer,



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