It’s been a tough year/season and I figured we should start with the « better than last season »

Let’s start with the Defence.

Karl Alzner: Here is a d-man that is making $4.6M a year and I’m not sure to do what for that kind of money. I said it when he signed that this team is no Capitals team. Caps team hides its’ weaknesses well because expectations on this player must have been really high, I lose 30lbs and I take his job. Not a very good player at all. F for the money , D as a player

Jordie Benn: Protecting him over Alexi Emelin was not a good move. Here is a player when he gets the puck he does not want it, can’t make plays and is slow. What more can I add…. good in the room unfortunately Habs need hockey players. D

Jakub Jerabek: Don’t know why they don’t let him play much. I would like to see him play more to see if he can truly play in the NHL. C

Victor Mete: Small in size but has a big heart and from what I can see hockey smarts off the charts. I think with a few more pounds he will be a top 4 d-man for the Habs if they don’t ruin his confidence. A-

Joe Morrow: Not much to say, AHLer trying to do his best. C for effort

Jeff Petry: Has played like a Poutine since naming 1 after him! Supposed to be a replacement for Andrei Markov since day 1. I have never seen so many mistakes by a d-man on 1 team and they continue to lean on him. All he does is poke check and make bad pinches game after game and still plays a ton. I have a hard time watching this tall d-man play so soft it’s sickening! F

Shea Weber: Hopefully this injury does not push this young man over the mountain and begin his decline because the Habs really need him to play elite hockey for at least 2-3 years more or its gonna get worse before it gets better. A-

This is just my point of view and I really believe it’s a national consensus

Forwards will be next week