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Due to Government COVID-19 regulations, please note that WE WILL BE CLOSED AT LEAST UNTIL JANUARY 11, 2021.
Certain exceptions exist for ice rental, please contact us, by clicking here.

For information, contact us at 514 342-3560 or by email by clicking below.

Shinny Reservation Cards

Having a reservation card does not guarantee a spoton a requested shinny hockey session.

Due to the immense popularity of shinny hockey, sessions sometimes fill up with reservations.

We do not sell reservation cards within one (1) hour of each session.

1a)  eservation cardholders must call and speak directly to an office employee on the day of the session. Please have your reservation number on hand before calling. Reservations cannot be made by leaving a message on the answering machine.

1b)  A cardholder may cancel his reservation, at no charge, up to 45 minutes before the session in question.  In the case of the cancellation on the cardholder’s part; the cardholder will not be permitted to participate in that session.

2. Cardholders cannot reserve a spot if they have not renewed their card, even if they are “a good customer”.  ». It is their responsibility to buy a new card as soon as the card is empty.

3. Cardholders may make a reservation up to 35 minutes prior to the start time of a given session. After this time they must wait in line, in person.

4 a)  If a cardholder makes a reservation to participate in a given session; but does not show up for the session in question, the sales office will initial their reservation card and they will be charged for the session.

4 b)  If a cardholder reserves for two sessions at one time and then decides not to play the second session, he will nevertheless be charged for that session; as described in 4a.

5. Cardholders who have made a reservation must report to the sales office to initial their card and sign the registration sheet, before going to the dressing room.

6. Cardholders, who have made a reservation, have up to 15 minutes after the start of a session to report to the sales office to initial their card and sign the registration sheet, after which they lose their spot in the session, as in 4a. This spot will then be filled by another player.

7. cardholders may make a reservation only for the name that appears on their card. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. Cardholders who have not made a reservation may use their card to pay the session if they choose.

9. Bonaventure Ice Rinks does not announce how many people have made reservations for each session.

10.  Bonaventure Ice Rinks reserves the right to cancel, change the times or modify the terms and conditions of the shinny hockey sessions without prior notice.

11. Cardholders who do not comply with these rules will be asked to leave the premises and will have their shinny reservation card revoked, without refund.

Thank you!  Management