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Veteran of 16 seasons in the NHL. Bobby played 692 games with Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, Detroit Red Wings, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks.

Half way point report card time !

It's been a tough year/season and I figured we should start with the "better than last season " Let's start with the Defence. Karl Alzner: Here is a d-man that is making $4.6M a year and I'm not sure to do what for that kind of money. I said it when he signed that...

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I am back for the playoffs Talking NHL Playoffs!

My picks, 1) Caps vs Leafs, Caps will win in 4, why just the Caps are just that good. They have a lot of players on their team that are close to the ends of their careers and will do everything to win Lord Stanley. Leafs I believe are a team of the future but no...

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Time for another blog about the Habs

Nov 7th 2016 why are the fans all up in arms with the record of 10-1-1 as if it was a 5-5-1 team , I think I know why, my views on whats up? Positives: The biggest none surprise is Carey Price when he goes the team goes and right now he is the best goaile in the...

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Canadians of the season 2016-2017

Welcome to another year of my exclusive NHL/Habs Blog for Bonaventure Hockey Complex. So far so good after 4 games, even with Price missing the first 3 games thanks to a great “relief appearance” from Montoya! My views on the Habs upcoming season, let’s break it down:...

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Congrats Penguin Fans!

The Pens did it last night winning the series 4 games to 2 and in my opinion pretty easily if it were not for Jones in net the series would of ended earlier! Penguins were 1st on virtually every loose puck unless the sharks started to throw it back to their point men...

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