The Pens did it last night winning the series 4 games to 2 and in my opinion pretty easily if it were not for Jones in net the series would of ended earlier! Penguins were 1st on virtually every loose puck unless the sharks started to throw it back to their point men for point shots with a screen in front other then that Sharks could not muster up much offence!

I now I picked the Sharks to win in 7 but the Sharks were just not the best team to come out of the west believe it or not! In my opinion Blackhawks once again were the team to beat but Father time caught up with them this year and way to many games over the last couple of years for Chicago this summer will do them some good! watch out for them next year!

In closing, I would like to talk Gordie Howe the man the myth and the legend, I never really had the chance to see him play in his prime I remember Hartford but that was a shell of who he really was, there is a reason they call it a Gordie Howe Hat trick ( Goal+assist+fight) he epitomized what hockey was for years and what kind of player you needed to be to play in the NHL, If you had no guts or back bone you got exposed and that when the Gordie Howe clones exploited you for not having the intestinal fortitude to hack it out there either you were a lion or a lamb !

I was so proud when I met Gordie Howe in Anaheim when I play for the Mighty Ducks, I was the Assistant Captain of the team and was so proud to go up and shake his hand, I was in my nice suit with a funky vest on with a Bolero tie and Cowboy boots, walked up and said “Mr Howe its an honor to shake your hand” he looked at me and said “thank you ……. Nice vest with a wink”.

To this day I don’t know if he was serious or sarcastic but I like to think I looked good 🙂



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