Welcome to another year of my exclusive NHL/Habs Blog for Bonaventure Hockey Complex.

So far so good after 4 games, even with Price missing the first 3 games thanks to a great “relief appearance” from Montoya!

My views on the Habs upcoming season, let’s break it down:

1) Forwards/Center: I believe they have 1 solid center in Galchenyuk for this season, numbers 2, 3, & 4 are in my opinion mysteries and I believe this will need to be addressed!

2) New Players: Radulov and Shaw have no idea how much is expected from them this year and the pressure to perform is a daily event, hope they can handle it!

3) D-men: actually a pretty solid group but at the same time an unproven lot! I think #1 (Weber) and #2 (Markov) are a given while #3 (Petry), #4 (Bealieu), #5 (Emelin) & 6/7 (Pateryn/Sergachev) are all mysteries and have big skates to fill this season as expectations are at their highest!

4) Goalies: If Carey Price stays healthy, they make the playoffs. Montoya’s addition is a huge deal this season giving Price some added rest to hopefully avoid another long-term injury!

5) Last but not least, coaching staff: Michel Therrien has to have a big year in success, especially early on but more importantly in the development of some younger players going forward. If he starts playing hard ball with the youth movement again, I would not be surprised if the same thing that happened in Pittsburgh happens all over again and another coach comes to the rescue and makes a lot of noise come playoff time! Coach Muller may be that missing piece to make things better for the youth movement in Montreal!

My position for the Habs playoff hopes is they will make it this year in the 4-8th seed range. Unfortunately I think they are still a few pieces away from making serious noise!

My final 2 playoff teams…… Pittsburgh(vs)Nashville. Unfortunately Nashville will be too banged up and the Pens will be the first repeat champions since the 97-98 Red Wings!




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