Here we are in round #3 already it’s getting closer and closer to Lord Stanley.

Round 2 finished off with some game 7s two of the them were no contests, Sharks and Blues the better teams were just that …. better! Pens took game 6 and gave the Caps every chance to have a come from behind victory but pens held the fort! Tampa in my opinion had little problem disposing of the Islanders, lack of secondary scoring for Isles was their downfall!

Now to round # 3 the Conference finals:

Blues vs Sharks, in my opinion a similar series for bothe teams and who has enough in the tank to win this series! Blues comparable to vs Hawks , Sharks speed and skilled can the Blues keep pace ? Sharks comparable vs Kings, can the sharks out skate and out skill the Blues?

My choice I will go to the Blues in 7 only edge I see is in nets Elliott will be more solid then Jones, a little more experience is better then none!

Bolts vs Pens , 2 Very fast teams Pens really played well vs Caps and Bolts made it look easy vs Isles! Barring any unforeseen injuries I like the Bolts in 7, they play an unorthodox style with speed and Pens defense will have a tougher time with speed and transition then the hitting barrage they faced vs Caps that the Bolts will bring to the table! I hate the fact also that the Pens are constantly talking about getting Fleury back in the nets, there they go again with the musical chairs goalie again! Stick by the guy who got you there and not the guy that has failed for years!

Later, back for cup have a good one,



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