I was in and around the radio listening the other day when Habs Management (Geoff Molson /Marc Bergevin and Coach Michel Therrien ) had their end of the year press conference, at 1st I listened to the questions if they deserved listening too and to my surprise there were a lot of tough questions thrown at the group, to his credit Geoff Molson whom I consider a friend spoke with class and support of his staff! He is a businessman and runs more then just the Habs and gave his blessing and stood by his guys, Kudos to you a great boss and gentlemen!

The problem I had were that the other 2 Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien and to let you know I played with both guys and were teammates with them ! For the life of me, questions were asked and there were some tough questions point blank and to the point and all the answers were politically correct or vague responses! I found myself twisting and turning in my chair waiting for some concrete answers and it’s quite surprising as both guys when you sit down with either will tell you exactly whats on their minds , as ex athletes we are geared that way whether you like it or not here it comes and trust me its nothing personal!

Either they think we are all off the boat and come from 3rd world countries and don’t know the game or its all about “smoke and mirrors’ they are not lying to us but they are not telling the truth either, personally I felt insulted with their answers! Its all about hierarchy and if they choose to tell the peasants the truth…. they chose not to tell us the tough ansewrs…. shame!

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. -John Wooden”

My picks for the 1st round NHL Playoffs and why :

Eastern conference:

1)Florida Vs NY Isles = panthers in six , to many mystery players on Islanders and Florida has good core of vets to get things done.

2) Tampa Vs Detroit = Dont like either team, goal-tending edge goes to Lightening , Bolts in 7

3) Washington vs Philadelphia = Caps heavy favorites and no pressure on Philly Caps in 6

4) Pittsburgh Vs New York R = I think Rangers got old real quick and Pens playing well down the stretch ,Pens in 7

Western Conference:

1) Dallas vs Minnesota= Dallas can score goals but defense wins series, Wild in 6

2) St Louis vs Chicago= I think this is a coin toss Blues playing well and Hawks are a playoff style team, Hawks in 7 experience.

3) Anaheim vs Nashville= Anaheim to much against the grinding team! Ducks in 6

4) L.A. vs San Jose= Its gonna be a great series even teams but my edge goes to goal-tending , LA wins this in 7!

Back before the next round starts, best time of year can’t wait,