Who would of thought the Sharks would of easily dispersed of the Blues, not me thats for sure! The blues looked like they went through a war and had nothing left in their tank and the Sharks walked right through them, no contest!

As for the Pens I thought Bolts were gonna be a tough task for them but as soon as Ben Bishop went down in my gut they were done and I felt they knew it also! Pens were all over them and shooting from everywhere knowing their #1 was out>

Pens vs Sharks, I can say that the Pens are going to win due to them being up 2-0 as I am writting this Blog but I am going to go with my original guess to myself and that the Sharks will win in 7, homer series this cup except for game 7. I just feel if you don cover your points you get exposed, obviously Jacques Martin has brought his style of everybody block shots mentalitybut eventually opponents figure it out, guess we will have to wait and see, promises to be a great final script!

See you at the finish line!



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